Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Picks

Last year, Derwood was right on 19% of his picks and ate six bowls of chili and 17 brown things stuffed with cheese, both Henington family-uninvited-guest records.

National anthem: Forehead

Opening kick off: PPD

Over/under corn chips eaten (Southeast region of United States): 680,000

Bob Costas: Real name: Robby Costus

Best commercial: Debra & Dale's Public Restroom

Ken O'Brien: inactive

Playing the percentages:

"Pinning your ears back" - 22%
"Taken to the woodshed" - 31%
Run "between the tackles" - 77%
"Tighten up your bootstraps" - 4%
"Ball recognition" - 9%
"Bow your neck" - .3%
"Playing the field position game" - 62%
"Third and manageable" - .1%


Final score: Giants 27, Patriots 20


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