Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hot Stove: Tim Lincecum Smokes Pot Edition

Just as soon as baseball season comes to its miserable conclusion, the Hot Stove League springs into action providing teams with the hopes of improving their franchises for the following season. Um, until the Yankees buy all of the good free agents. Even with an apparent down year for free agents, fans and media will speculate on signings and trades. It's a gentler time, when even Royals fans can feel the slightest glimmer of hope. Anyway, I'm excited.

The most sensationalistic story on the first day of the Hot Stove League is Tim Lincecum's marijuana charge following a traffic stop. I realize this has nothing to do with free agency or trade rumors but it's worth mentioning. Like any 25-year-old, he was caught speeding while smoking with 3.3 grams on him. While I have no problem with it, MLB probably won't be very happy. But is it really that shocking? Do you realize how bored he must get pitching in the NL West?

Onto the real Hot Stove action. My Halos re-signed one key free agent in Bobby Abreu. His new deal is basically two years for $19 million. Abreu made close to $6 million with the Angels this season after making $16 million the year before with the Yankees. I was a little surprised to see that Abreu was only worth $11.1 million this past year. But I'm sure once you throw in all of his intangibles, he was worth closer to $50 million.[citation needed]

In other actual Hot Stove news, the Red Sox acquired Jeremy Hermedia from the Marlins. The Sox gave up lefty pitchers Hunter Jones and Jose Alvarez for the underachieving Marlins outfielder. Hermedia, still just 25, was the 11th pick overall in 2002 and was widely considered a top prospect for years. Hermedia's best season was 2007 when he hit .296/.369/.501 with 18 homers. The Sox do have an eye for talent. So maybe they can sprinkle some of that Big Papi dust on him and he'll become a superstar after all.

Alright, keep checking back for more Hot Stove action. Or go to MLB Trade Rumors for actual/good coverage.

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