Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now Denis Leary, He Hates Kobe

Yes, Kobe Bryant is a great basketball player. Yes, he is enormously popular. He reclaimed the top spot in jersey sales this past season. I have plenty of friends who are big Kobe fans. He just isn't as good as LeBron James. The more I argued this point with stats and logic, the more I was labeled a Kobe hater. The playoffs were not kind to me. But in the regular season, LeBron crushed Kobe in Hollinger's PER and VA (basketball VORP). I don't hate Kobe. I just don't think he deserved the MVP two seasons ago or to finish second this past season.

Now Denis Leary, he hates Kobe. Leary went through the ESPN carwash today, which involves hosting a chat. Here are the highlights (for the purpose of this post anyway)...
tim (albuquerque)
are you a big basketball fan if so how did you feel about this season and what do you think the biggest offseason move has been?

Denis Leary (12:39 PM)
Huge basketball fan. Huge Celtics fan. Desperately wanted LeBron to win the championship. Hate Kobe. Hate the Lakers. Hate Phil Jackson. Hate Jack Nicholson. Hate Kobe. Hate Kobe. Hate Kobe.

And signed off with...

Denis Leary(12:41 PM)
Ice Age 3 is, completely unbiased opinion, quite possibly the greatest movie ever made. Why We Suck is, again completely unbiased opinion, quite possibly the greatest book ever written. Rescue Me, the greatest TV show ever seen in the history of mankind. Hate Kobe. Hate Kobe. Hate Kobe.

I knew I always liked Denis Leary. I just thought it was because of the drinking and Comics Come Home or possibly The Ref. But no, it's deeper than that. I admire his unbridled, blind hatred of Kobe. It's quite impressive.

Denis, the next round is on me. Bring Cam Neely.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! funny ; ) now i'm wanting to watch ice age 3 - i haven't even seen the first 2! poor me. hope kobe can read this too : D no wonder he got himself a psalm 27 tattoo. chill!

Anonymous said...

If Kobe was on the Cavs his numbers would be better than Lebron's. Pablo Stiggity Esteban Diablo bitch!That's 4 parts to my name!

Anonymous said...

Obviously bitch isnt included in my name! BITCH!

Anonymous said...

I know Kobe isn't gettin dunked on at his basketball camp!! PSED

MTD said...

Kobe only has 14-year-olds at his camp. So, yeah, unless Kobe has a 14-year-old LeBron shwoing up at his camp, he's probably not getting dunked on.