Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Atlanta Has Lost Its Steam

The Atlanta Steam of the Lingerie Football League has officially been relocated to Charlotte. I actually found out last week, but I was waiting for confirmation. They were unable to find a find a venue, which is just shocking following the cancellation of the last two Lingerie Bowls. From what I was able to gather, The Arena in Gwinnett and the Georgia Dome turned them down. I learned of the Charlotte move before I was able to complete my backyard bleachers and submit a proposal.

I was also informed in an email that "the league is going through a lot of transition right now." Well, that sounds promising. This whole Lingerie Football thing is starting to sound more and more like it's organized by a bunch of drunk guys. It sounds like a great idea until you have to plan or pay for anything.

Not only does this crush my dream of being their official blogger, but I can no longer tell those beer models that I can get them a sweet gig and actually mean something that's in the same ballpark as modeling. Thanks Gwinnett.

[I don't think there are any official links yet. Most of my info came from a P.R. firm that organized tryouts, like the one I covered. Relocation is mentioned on their Twitter.]


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